Wine tours - Offer #1

Scheduling visits every day from 09:00 - 20:00 to phone: 063 523 673 | 063 539 768
The offer applies to organized visits of 20 or more persons. The entire program is run by the winemaker Dr. Laslo Dujmović, vintner, winemaker and qualified international wine judge. During the visit, the possibility to buy our wines and souvenirs.

Price: 10 € per person

- Visiting the vineyards and winery

- Tasting of our 9 wines (50 ml each)
- Snacks for the separation of the wine (Menu 1)
- Instructions for pairing wine and food
- Short training for wine evaluation
- Music is broadcast from CD

The available time for this package is about 2 hours.

Menu 1 (Snacks to separate wines)

- Roasted bacon,
- Slices of home made meat products,
- Hams,
- Cheese,
- Temerine salted cheese,
- Scone with greaves,
- Scone with greaves,
- Cheese biscuits,
- Bread from the furnace with goose or duck grease,
- Focaccia bread with olive oil or pumpkin oil,
- Olives,
- Various pâtés: fish, chicken, liver, game,
- Sandwiches,

From the listed items you can choose 2 types of snacks.

Sweets and final snacks

- Strudel with poppy seeds, nuts or cheese,
- Serbian gibanica,
- Apples baked in furun

From the items listed, you can choose 1 type of sweets.