Welcome to the wonderful world of wines
of the Dujmovics family!

The odors of the Kevidinka, Chasle, Slankamneka and Portugiser grape have left an unforgettable memory of my first meeting with the Backa vineyards and wine. I can still remember those times and the wine produced with the horny hands of my grandfathers, the wine made with love and deep respect, because the only thing that people have in common with gods is wine, and I have always known that we have to go on with this job. Several generations of my family were involved in winemaking and since 1978 the vineyards are managed by Dr. Laszlo Dujmovics and his family.
It is often said that wine is one of the oldest symbols of human civilization. Wine has been heating people, inflaming the imagination and inspiring many generations for thousands of years.
It is necessary to invest much love, effort and knowledge in order to place the gifts of sun into the bottle. Our hearts are full of love, we work hard and we are proud when we learn something new. To make high quality wine is both a challenge and honor for us.